Branding that makes ‘scents’

Humans are able to recall scents with an impressive 65% accuracy a year after smelling them, compared to just 50% of visuals after only three months. No wonder marketers are making it all the more important to use the additional sensory tool when trying to engage with customers.

Scent branding can have a number of uses in retail, entertainment and hospitality, by creating a positive ambience and an added connection with the customer; enhancing the experience.

     When you first perceive a scent, you connect it to an event, a person or an object. When you smell the scent again, it often triggers a memory in the form of a conditioned response. It is believed that 75% of our emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by what we smell.

Research has indicated that 40% of customers stay longer in pleasantly scented environments, and the longer people stay, the more likely they are to make a purchase or form a connection with a brand.

     In todays competitive market; businesses have to work harder to stand out from the crowd, drive customer satisfaction and encourage spending. Scent branding is an effective method of doing so; complimented with visual or aural marketing it has the potential to increase sales, boost brand loyalty and create a strong lasting emotional connection with customers long after you have closed your doors.



Creating sensory solutions for all spaces and events, the Florescence portfolio of fragrances and bespoke scent crafting service can help you define what business outcomes you seek from the use of scent. After an initial consultation a brand expert will propose a scent solution crafted around your requirements and business objectives. Defining where and how a scent solution can be delivered through our programmable scent delivery systems.

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